July 27, 2017

Okay. This is going to be an interesting post I promise.

And yes. This involves nudity. 

Yup, you heard me.

Let’s began shall we?

After Red Rock Canyon, Michael and I made a quick stop to Nelson’s Landing, a very well-known cliff jumping spot at Lake Mead, to cool off before we head home.

Photo Credit: Sean Kinoshita via SeanKBlog

I’m sure summer would’ve been the perfect time to go to Nelson’s Landing, but I personally wanted to take Michael out for his first cliff-jumping experience (so bear with me here).

The road was unpaved as we passed what looked to be a ghost town and later descended into the canyons.

Photo Credit: Sean Kinoshita via SeanKBlog

This just increased my paranoia and anxiety levels, hoping my car wouldn’t get stuck in a ditch or something. I didn’t have much of a confidence that my Mini Cooper can handle the road, but surprisingly it did.

Along the way, we saw what I like to call a “penis” rock! It was glorious!

Photo Credit: Michael Hall

After a torturous twenty minute drive to Nelson’s Landing, we finally made it to the lake!

The bad news though…the water level was TOO LOW!

So, cliff-jumping was out of the question.

I was getting quite frustrated that our trip wasn’t going according to plan, but you know what?

I had a plan B.

How ’bout skinny-dipping instead?

(Actually to be quite honest, I’ve thought long and hard about this even before the cliff jumping idea. So, I’m happy to say I put that into plan.)

Without further ado, I took off all my clothes, leaving nothing but my bare skin. I admit I was super nervous as I wasn’t sure how people would react and this was the first time I actually got naked in public.

So far, there weren’t any helicopters flying around or police officers trying to catch a naked woman in public. So, it’s safe to say, the coast is clear!

Photo Credit: Michael Hall

As soon as I got into the water, I’ve never felt so ALIVE!

I mean I know it’s embarrassing especially for the ladies to get naked in public, but come on! It’s not like everyone has the freedom to do this everyday, unless they’re at the nude beach of course!

Photo Credit: Michael Hall

I kept swimming around the lake, trying to “capture the moment” while Michael struggled to get into his bathing suit.

Soon enough, Michael got in the water too! But, he was very cold as he shivered his way into the freezing, cold water. He only got halfway into the lake, despite convincing him to dunk his whole body into the water.

Views of Lake Mead from my GoPro. To the right (where you can see the cliff) is Nelson’s Landing.

After a few minutes of swimming, we got out of the water. We were both shivering from the freezing cold water. So, we rushed quickly back to the car to put our clothes back on.

We left Nelson’s Landing, feeling hopeful about our adventures.

Which reminds me…our month-long road trip is almost coming to an end!!! 😭

Michael and I still can’t believe how much we’ve accomplished in such a short span of time, from climbest the highest point in Mt. Whitney to visiting the lowest point at Badwater Basin. 

Which brings us to our next and our final adventure: Mojave National Preserve!

Stay tuned!

Directions to Nelson’s Landing

Have you visited Nelson’s Landing? If not, what are your favorite places to cliff jump? And if you don’t cliff-jump, what are your favorite places to cool off during the summer? Let me know by commenting down below.


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