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So many of you have been wondering, what has Soo been up to? Where’s Soo? Why doesn’t she update her blog anymore?

Calm down guys. I’m A-Ok! I’ve just been real busy working at a resort in Colorado. And because of that, I didn’t have much time to take a break and write my blog.

Plus I didn’t bring my laptop here in Colorado. And the reason why I didn’t bring it is actually part of my huge announcement.

Are you ready?

Without further ado…

I’m thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail this year!!!!

Yes. You heard me.

I will hike 6-8 months on the Appalachian Trail this year… 

Am I hiking alone? Not really. I actually have a friend who’s always wanted to hike the AT when she was a little girl.

When am I starting? March 29.

Starting where? Either Shenandoah National Park or Harper’s Ferry. I will update more info soon 😉

Furthermore, I will explain more in details on why I want to hike the Appalachian Trail in my next blog.

For now, I am honestly feeling both nervous and excited at the same time. Like it feels surreal that I’m going to be hiking for half a year (maybe more) just to experience what many others have dreamed of.

And since I won’t bring my laptop (worried that it will get messed up along the way), I will be vlogging my journey through my phone. Here is a link to my Youtube channel for those who don’t know. And who knows? I may occasionally blog my adventures along the way. But we’ll see…

I hope everyone will follow along my journey.

Happy Trails ✌️

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