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Last Day in Georgia: Hike to Raven Cliff Falls

Raven Cliff Falls is one of the most unusual waterfall in northern Georgia because the water flows through a split in the face of a solid rock, dropping approximately 100 ft. below.

During our last day in Georgia, my friend, Will, and I hiked Raven Cliff Falls. So off we drove to Chattahoochee National Forest. Once we arrived at the parking lot, we headed towards the trailhead.

About half a mile, we came across an Instagram-worthy photo: a tree with a heart!

After about a mile, we both made it to the lower falls. Now, you have the option to hike down to the lower falls (which we didn’t). If you hike down to the lower falls, make sure to grab onto the ropes that are tied around the trees. Once you hike all the way down, you are then greeted by water spilling over moss-covered boulders into shallow swimming holes (this is perfect for a swim!).

Can you spot the lower falls? (Hint: it’s covered by the sunlight)

Will and I kept walking along the trail, walking across bridges and passing alongside the smaller falls and campsites. Of course, the trails got more and more steeper past the lower falls.

After the final push, we both made it to the upper falls!!! The Upper Raven Cliff Falls, hidden behind the sheer granite walls, was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! In fact, the sheer beauty of the falls was tempting to the point I got closer to the falls to take this gorgeous photo.

I’m not afraid to admit it, but I was even tempted to climb the falls. Will, out of concern, told me not to climb. Instead, we attempted to walk on the rocky hills alongside the falls (I believe this is another route to get to the top of the falls). We barely walked up the hill so of course, this was a bit of a disappointment.

If you happen to hike to the rocky hills, be careful not to slip as some of the rocks are slippery and VERY LOOSE.

We hiked back to the parking lot and Will drove me back to North Carolina, ending our three-day Georgia adventure!

Raven Cliff Falls

Distance: 5 miles roundtrip

Elevation Gain: 600 ft.

Time: 3-5 hours

Directions to Raven Cliff Falls

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