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The Last Destination of Our Month-Long Road Trip: Mojave National Preserve

Well, this was Michael and Little Nugget’s last stop for our month-long road trip.

(secretly cries)

There were lots of highs and lows for this trip (that’s for sure), but this trip was a reminder to enjoy the moment when it happens whether it’s climbing up mountains, acting goofy with your friends, or swimming naked in the lake and not giving two f*cks about it (you get the point)! I’m sure as hell glad I did!!!

As we left Nevada to head over to California (once again), we drove to Mojave National Preserve and camped out at a dispersed campsite.

I swear…desert sunsets are the best!

For this night, we slept in a tent even though the weather was very cold and windy. We honestly didn’t care. We wanted to sleep comfortably on our backs and not in my tiny car. My back and my mental health has already suffered enough.

Our campsite in the middle of nowhere ❤️

While pitching the tent, we saw a lone husky running around our campsite. Michael, my friend who’s also an animal lover, called the husky, Bonnie. Bonnie was super hyper and ran around the campsite.

Michael had so much fun playing with Bonnie I couldn’t help myself, but take this epic shot of our trip!

Michael and Bonnie 💕

As the sun started to set, we ate dinner and played with Bonnie for another long hour. Afterwards, we decided to call it a night and brought Bonnie with us into our “cozy” little tent.

Our views from our campsite at night! ❤️ Can you see the shooting star? 🌠

As we tried to get some sleep, Bonnie kept running around and even standing in front of the tent. Immediately, I knew she wanted to get out. I wasn’t sure how Michael felt. If we opened the tent, Bonnie would run far away and end up lost somewhere, maybe return back home.

Judging by how Michael felt, this was such a tough choice. UGH!!! So I opened the tent and zoom! Off Bonnie ran into the desert and out of sight. Michael was worried about Bonnie, but I assured him that maybe she has a home and that she was going back there to reunite with her owner.

After that…complete and utter silence.

Next day, we packed up our gears and headed to the visitor’s center to get our passport stamps. Before the visitor’s center, we actually wanted to stop by Ring Loops Trail for our last adventure. So, we hit the road onto the main highway leading to a turnoff down a dirt road.

I’m gonna warn you: don’t always rely on the GPS. This took us to a sketchy looking washboard meant for off-roaders and ATVs. I’m sure this was a shortcut, but I don’t trust my car enough to handle the road conditions.

My paranoia, once again, completely took over and I just couldn’t do it. So, we made a U-turn and headed back onto the main highway.

And because we arrived super early at the visitor’s center, we decided to do one last hike at Kelso Dunes.

The road to get to Kelso Dunes took us to another washboard, but this was completely flat so I didn’t feel as paranoid.

Luckily, Michael and I were the only ones there as we only saw one or two other cars at the parking lot. As we walked through the soft sands, I decided to walk barefoot for most of the way.

The sands felt warm as they touched my barefeet. There were some spots where sharp objects poked my skin so I occasionally wore my flip-flops.

If you ever walked up sand dunes, then you know how difficult it is to reach the top.

Our legs felt like it’s carrying double our weight as we walked up the sand dunes.

Little Nugget’s footprints on the sand!

When we reached the top of a smaller sand dune, we saw a huge sand dune standing directly in front of us!

We decided to see how far we can go up.

Little Nugget walking up to the huge sand dune!

As we pushed through the sands, we kept slipping backwards little by little. It got to the point where we had to walk on all fours.

Yes, I took this photo while I walked on all fours up the huge sand dune.

Realistically, we didn’t reach the top. It was WAYYY TOO STEEP! Plus, we were both physically and mentally drained from our adventures. At least we gave it an effort!

We took one last moment to capture the beauty of the desert before heading back down.

Getting down was SUPER EASY! Though the sands dug past our ankles, this felt more like walking down an escalator.

The sand dunes got hotter as the sun started to beat down on us, so we power-walked back to the car.

After hiking up the dunes, we headed back to the visitor’s center to get our stamps.

Abandoned post office across the street.
Jailhouse Cell at the visitor’s center.

Afterwards, we left Mojave National Preserve to return back to our homes. We rewarded our last day of adventures with a full-course meal at Native Foods Café (one of my favorite restaurants) in Palms Springs. I love their vegan nachos and drinks! I highly recommend them if you’re ever in SoCal!

Our post road-trip meal! We really did pig out!

After a long three-hour drive, we chillaxed at Michael’s place and ended our road trip adventures with beer and lots of beer!



Have you been to Mojave National Preserve? Did you hike up Kelso Dunes or Ring Loops Trail? Let me know by commenting down below.

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