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A Look into America’s Notorious Killer’s Cellar

I’ve always had fascinations of exploring haunted places so I was super excited to be visiting one of America’s notorious serial killer from the ‘70s. Take a guess…






Well it’s no other than Ted Bundy himself.

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy, known for being charismatic, handsome, and extremely smart (he went to law school), lured young woman into secluded areas and rape/murder them. Turns out he’s also a necrophiliac.

With the actual realization that I’m actually going to visit Ted Bundy’s cellar, I was stoked to get a VIP tour from Brian Gates (one of my good friends/tour guide from Grimm Ghost Tours). Brian took Edward, Jackie and I to Emigration Canyon through some windy roads.

To get there, you have to pass Hogle Zoo and drive onto Emigration Canyon Rd. Keep a lookout for a sign that says “ARCHERY-ONLY HUNTING AREA.” That is where you will park your car to get to Bundy’s cellar.

Fun Fact: Emigration Canyon was one of the places where the Donner Party migrated along the way to California. When their food supply ran out, the Donner Party became cannibalistic all the while eating animal meat and dead humans to survive in the Sierra Nevadas.

So you can already guess…Donner Party + Ted Bundy = DOUBLE THE HORROR!!!

We headed to a metal fence leading to a dirt path.

This was a short walk leading to this tiny cellar. Now this cellar is where Ted Bundy dumped his victims’ bodies. Sounds crazy, right?

Inside was nothing too creepy, but Edward and Jackie had a really bad feeling about this place. I guess I’m the only one who can’t feel bad energy.

Walking to the left through some small patches of grass lies Ted Bundy’s house. It is now just piles of bricks scattered around. So there wasn’t much to explore there.

So there you have it. This is definitely one of the coolest places to explore especially since it’s supposedly haunted. If you get lucky, maybe you’ll see one of Bundy’s victims lurking around…

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  1. Cole says:

    Ted’s cellar is open currently. It gets boarded and people break it open, currently it’s open

    1. Thanks for the heads up, Cole!

  2. Katie Schmidt says:

    Visited July 11, 2018. It had metal pole type things trying to block people from entering, but I still slid through. Interesting experience. Didn’t physically see anything, but felt somebody behind me while I was in the cellar and felt somebody following my friend and I to the gate. I will be back next year for more investigations

  3. Amanda says:

    Ted Bundy never lived in Emigration Canyon, nor did he dump bodies there. He lived in the Avenues.

    1. branden says:

      Yes after visiting the cellar, i was looking up the history and it says nothing about bodies being dumped there, it says one body was dumped in the mountains, other than that they were dumped far south and others not found.

  4. Dallas says:

    How do we get to the cellar.
    When we park at the archery sign which direction do we go?
    Can someone please give more specific directions

    1. Once you park at the sign, walk to the direction like you’re heading back to Salt Lake City. You should see a gate with a path on your left hand side not far from where you park. Then just follow the path until you get to the cellar. Hope it helps.

  5. Once we park at the archery sign. Which direction do we go. Can I please have more specific directions

    1. How far do we actually walk after we pass the green gate. I seen 2 paths which 1 do we take

  6. Angry Owner says:

    We have owned the property since the early 70’s. We used to come up in the summers and go camping and stay in the house. Such wonderful memories. Now all those fond memories are dashed by sick, twisted people who find it thrilling to visit a possible murder site. Ted Never lived there. He never dumped his bodies there. I don’t know how that sick rumor was started. We now spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours, trying to keep the concrete enclosure, which held a water storage tank for the well, boarded up because the city requires it. Please stop visiting this property and save us some time and money.

  7. Amanda Jane Mitchell says:

    Yeah, he did not live or dump his victims’ bodies here. All urban legend.

  8. I just went and it’s now boarded with metal and you can break it, theres also cameras.

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