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My Top 3 Best AND Worst Travel Moments

WHOAAAHHH! I can’t believe it! In less than 12 hours, 2017 is almost over…😲 (ok maybe in some places it’s already 2018).

And with the start of my new blog/vlog, I’m happy to say that this year has been quite an accomplishment

So to end this year, I thought I’d reflect a bit on my travel moments, good or bad (sorry if some of the lists aren’t mentioned in the previous posts).

Top 3 Best Travel Moments

1. First Family Trip to Mexico

The beautiful beaches in Ensenada, MX!

This was by far the most SURREAL and MEMORABLE experience. My parents are especially BUSY working 40+ hours a week. On top of that, my brother is still pursuing his B.S. in Political Science at UCR. So to have a REAL family vacation was like a DREAM COME TRUE. Plus, this trip was their 29th anniversary celebration!

We drove from Los Angeles to Ensenada along the beautiful Pacific Coast. At Ensenada, I treated my family out to dinner at a fancy restaurant and took them ziplining for the first time.

Here’s a link to the video if you want a better perspective of this trip.

And let me tell you, I don’t think I’ve seen my parents smile this long especially my mom. To see that tired face everyday turn into a glowing smile made my day and that’s why this is MY best travel moment.

Let’s move on…shall we?

2. Meeting Kind Strangers at Jasper National Park

During my adventures in Canada, I was caught in a terrible snowstorm despite having a vehicle. Luckily, I found a parking spot with several cars and RVs.

I was feeling pretty anxious nevertheless, but all of a sudden, this kind woman, Maria, opened her doors and welcomed me inside her “temporary” home. With the kindness of her heart, she offered me some tea and wine. Also, I met her husband, Ron, and another stranger.

As I was about to head back to my car to catch some ZZZZs, Maria generously invited me to stay inside her warm, comfy RV for the night. If it wasn’t for her kindness, I would’ve slept miserably.

You can read more about this story here.

3. Reuniting with My Travel Buddy and Steve in Colorado

To everyone who’s read my blog (or my friends)…you know who’s my travel buddy? It’s Michael for those who don’t know…

Of course with a travel buddy, adventure is TWICE as fun especially when we both know what we like/don’t like. And if you know us, we’re both into hiking and any activities that are not for the faint of heart. From summiting Colorado’s highest point and bungee swinging down Royal Gorge, I’m happy to say we got most of our bucket list taken care of.

Also, I like to mention another friend from Colorado: Steve. I haven’t seen him since North Carolina (last year) so having a reunion was an AWESOME experience. As a Colorado native, Steve was like my personal tour guide. He treated me out to ice cream in Colorado Springs and took me on a lesser-known hike called Helen Hunt Falls.

Top 3 Worst Travel Moments

1. “Bathroom Issue” During the Backbone Thru-Hike

If you read my previous post, then you know I had that “one” issue during my Backbone thru-hike.

And yes, this has something to do with bowel movement. Basically, I couldn’t hold my sh*t any longer, so I had to go. I pooped at a random spot and, afterwards, mixed the dirt and poop together. This created such a chaotic mess that my hands, clothes, and my backpack were covered in sh*t.

Oh well, I learned my lesson…

2. Mediocre Experience at Royal Gorge Park

This is something most people don’t want to hear, but I hate to break it to most people, but Royal Gorge Park didn’t meet my expectations.

First of all, this park was WAYYYYY too overpriced for admission. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed walking over the bridge. That was an AWESOME experience.

But there were few things that really ticked me off.

I really hate to say this, but the staff at the Skycoaster didn’t look enthusiastic.

There was no “HELLO” or “WELCOME” the moment we arrived. Just a closed door and an empty Skycoaster…

As soon as we knocked on the door, one staff member comes out and tells us “You’re going to have to wait another 30 minutes. The ride’s not open yet.”

Ok fair enough. So we wait another 30 minutes…

As soon as the ride opened, we felt so IGNORED? How do I explain. I asked a staff member that they’re job sounds like fun. He ignored my question and after the ride, I told Michael about it. I think he sensed it too.

And let’s talk about customer service. Everytime Michael and I kept asking questions, the staff members kept rolling their eyes over like we’re idiots. We eventually paid for our rides which was $45. The ride was a THRILLING experience, don’t get me wrong, but honestly it wasn’t worth the $45. On top of that, the pictures and videos cost an extra $30.

Wow…what a F*CKIN’ RIPOFF!

Let’s just say, Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, you’re just a one-time experience and I won’t be visiting EVER AGAIN…

3. A Very “F***ed Up” Day in Sacramento

If you’re reading the title and thinking, “Damn this chick got drunk AF…” I’m sorry to say…that’s not what happened.

Upon departing to Sacramento, I swear to god both my friend and I got struck with the worst possible luck ever. First of all, I lost my wallet which holds my driver’s license and my credit card (which was needed for motel reservations). Turns out, I dropped my wallet inside my parents’ car after we came back from the Mexico trip. Luckily, I had a spare driver’s license.

And what should’ve been a 6 hour drive turned into a 12 hour drive through hell. My friend, Alina, caught a nasty cold so we had to stop at different rest areas.

On top of that, I got a nasty eye infection and a cold sore. I’m not sure if this eye infection is a stye or some kind of discharge, but it was itchy and made my eyes look puffy.

And ohhh…we haven’t gotten to the worst part yet.

Once we arrived to our motel, WE COULDN”T GET AHOLD OF OUR ROOMS since I left my credit card at home.

Yup, this was a very f***ed up day, but I was keepin’ my sh*t together.

I tried another backup plan. I called Evon (aka Big Nugget) who currently lives in North Tahoe, asking if she has room for two people for a few nights. Of course, that plan didn’t work either.

And since it was already getting late, we ate our dinner at a random park. We sat on the parking lot ground, eating our food like a homeless person.

Luckily, Alina booked another motel room near Old Town Sacramento. But since she was feeling awfully sick, this trip didn’t turn out well for the both of us.


Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Some of these stories were QUITE the experience while others are just some things I want to look back and just laugh about it. 


P.S. Happy New Years everyone! 2018…let’s do this!!!

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