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Ultimate Guide to Teotihuacan Without a Tour

Visiting Mexico City? Then you probably heard of the pyramids of Teotihuacan. It’s a DEFINITE MUST to visit. But hold on. Are you on a budget? Don’t like tours that feel as though you’re in a serious time crunch? Then I got you.

First off, What is Teotihuacan?

Great question. Teotihuacan was one of the largest ancient cities dating back around the first century A.D. It was built thousands of years before the Aztecs found the city and they hence named the site, you guessed it, Teotihuacan, meaning “city of the gods.” Nobody knows who actually constructed the site. It is yet to be a mystery.

Now that you and I both know a little bit about Teotihuacan, next question is…

How the Hell Do I Get There?

To get there, you first have to head to Central Autobus del Norte. Now most travel guides/blogs recommend taking Line 5 Metro which I agree is the fastest and most easiest route to get to the station. However, there is another alternative. In my case, I had to take the green bus Line A to get there. Here is the picture of the Metro Station and the green bus Line A and I’ll let you decide what’s best for you.

Metro Station:

Line A Green Bus:

Once you arrive at the station, head to your left until you see a booth selling tickets to Teotihuacan. It should be right before gate/andedes #8.

Once you got your ticket, the ticket booth person should direct you to the bus. Once you make your way to the bus, an employee will take your ticket and direct you a second time to the correct bus. So don’t worry…you got the hard part out of the way. All you gotta do now is sit back and enjoy an hour long drive there.

What to Expect on the Bus Ride?

I gotta say. It’s one hell of an interesting ride. At the first stop, there is a security guard or police who will record everyone on the bus. I was, of course, confused, but found out later it wasn’t a big deal.

During the middle of the bus ride, there are random people trying to sell you food or drinks. I even had a guy advertise cosmetics (I don’t quite remember), but I believe it was an anti-aging cream.

Plus, I was fortunate or maybe not fortunate enough to have a random musician hop on the bus and serenade everyone for 15 minutes.

Now that was enough to keep me awake during the entire bus ride there. As an added bonus, I was wide awake to see the colorful, favela houses atop the hill. Definitely worth the $104 pesos there!

How Much Does This Trip Cost?

The answer is, it depends. But here is the budget list of what you may be spending.

  • Bus/Train ride to Central Autobuses del Norte: $4-5 pesos one way/$8-10 pesos round trip
  • Bus ride to Teotihuacan and back: $104 pesos
  • Entrance Fee to Teotihuacan (includes the museum): $70 pesos 
  • Food/Snacks: $30+ pesos/free if you bring your own
  • Water: $9-25 pesos/free if you bring your own
  • English Speaking Guide: $400+ pesos
  • Souvenir: $10+ pesos (depends on your haggling skills) 

I’ve Finally Made it to Teotihuacan…So What Do I Do Now?

First off, you should knock out the two pyramids: Pyramid of the Moon and Pyramid of the Sun.

What I did was basically starting from the furthest which was Pyramid of the Moon and slowly making my way to Pyramid of the Sun. Even though those steps were hell, the climb was definitely worth it!

Here is a useful map so you, too, can pre-plan ahead of time.

I recommend finishing off at the Temple of Quetzacoatl so it is much easier on your knees. Trust me. It’s totally worth it!!!

OK. I’m Done With Teotihuacan. How Do I Get Back to CDMX? 

To catch the bus back to CDMX, walk back to the ticket booth. From there, you will see a huge bus sign. You cannot miss it. Just simply wait until the bus arrives, show your return ticket, and you’re good to go!

I Came Later Than I Thought. Am I Gonna Be Stranded Here Forever?

No. You are not going to be stranded. Teotihuacan closes at 5pm which gives you enough time to catch the last bus which is at 6pm.

Bonus Tips

  1. Make sure to arrive early (earliest is 9am) to cool off from the sun and, of course, avoid crowds. Oh and definitely avoid weekends, in general, unless you mind tourists and locals.
  2. Pack your own water and snacks. Honestly, you are going to be walking all day in the hot sun. If not, you can buy couple snacks and water at the souvenir shops.
  3. Bring sunscreen and a hat. Otherwise you’re skin is going to burn like hell. Trust me. I’ve been there.
  4. Make sure to rest in a shade from time to time. It’s the best way to cool down after your climb and also a nice way to take a break.
  5. As much as climbing is fun, I also highly recommend checking out the museum which is included with your admission.


And that’s it! Easy peasy, right? I hope this helps for those who plan on visiting Teotihuacan. And also, if I’m missing other valuable information, feel free to comment down below.


Hasta luego, Little Nuggets 😉

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